Qinghai River pebble crushing production line site

Production capacity: 400t/h
Initial feed particle size: 700mm
Final discharge particle size: ≤40mm

Production status
This Qinghai River pebble crushing production line was determined by Mr. Wang after investigating for half a month. After comparing with other manufacturers in many aspects, he chose Henan Tuopu machine manufacturer. According to users’ feedback, there are two reasons for choosing Tuopu machine manufacturer:

First, the factory is large in scale and strong in strength. Top machine factory is the one with a relatively large production base that he visited in half a month, and the stock is complete;
Second, before Mr. Wang came to Zhengzhou, he learned that the top machine manufacturer can bring materials to test the machine, so he brought raw materials when he came, and was satisfied with the effect of the equipment test;

Thirdly, I am quite satisfied with the service provided by the top machine manufacturer. During my visit to the factory, I was accompanied by a technical manager to answer my questions, design the production line process for free, and guide the installation and machine production operation on site.

Production Process:
According to the user’s raw material properties and discharge requirements, the technical manager of Tuopu customized a river pebble crushing production line, equipped with iron partners for crushing high-hardness materials, jaw crushers and cone crushers.

1. Primary crushing stage:
The river pebbles are evenly sent to the rough crusher (jaw crusher) by the feeder for preliminary crushing, and the crushed materials are transported to the next stage;

2. Secondary crushing stage
The coarsely crushed river pebbles are sent to the cone crusher by the conveyor for further crushing.

3. Screening stage
The river pebbles that have been finely crushed by the cone crusher enter the vibrating screen, and are screened into stones of different specifications, and those that meet the requirements are transported to the finished product pile;

4. Return crushing stage
The river pebbles that do not meet the specifications screened by the screening machine should be returned to the cone crusher and crushed again until they meet the requirements of the finished product specifications.

Post time: Nov-29-2022